RescueONE® Connector Boat®


1. Rapid Response Rescue Boat

Our lightweight and efficient hull produces 40mph (64kph) with 60hp. Just 25hp pushes it 25mph (40kph).

Even our transport trailers are designed to minimize launch time.

2. FLOODFighter™ Evacuation Boat

In calm water, one RescueONE boat can move 20 or more people to safety. And, when multiple boats are connected together end to end, a “bridge” is formed allowing potential victims to walk to safety. This photo shows a simulated flood evac operation. It is transporting 17 “victims” and a total weight of 3718lbs (1,686 kg). Notice that 45% of freeboard remains




3. Recovery/Diver Boat

Whether you are “dragging” using multiple boats connected end to end, diving using our folding diver platform, using electronic scan or a K-9 to locate victims, our system of boats and accessories is designed to make your difficult job easier and safer. Users of these boats will confirm that there is no comparison to the stability they provide. Ask for references. There are thousands of them.

4. Fire Fighter Boat

It takes 5 minutes to drop our FireBOAT™ Pump into the boat and convert it to a waterfront fire fighting machine. And – the cost of this accessory can be less than 10% of comparable dedicated fire boats.

RescueONE Spec Sheet

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